The following transcript was taken from a lecture by renowned author, speaker, and psychologist, Jordan B. Peterson.

During the Q&A portion, Peterson answers a question on homeschooling:

AUDIENCE-MEMBER QUESTION: “I don’t want my young children indoctrinated with dangerous ideas and as time marches on I trust public education less and less I know that you have strong thoughts on the danger of the devouring Oedipal mother who harms her child by protecting them and that’s certainly not what I aspire to. I wonder if in spite of your idea that kids need to become tough and learn to slay dragons if you have anything good to say about the idea of homeschooling.”

JORDAN B. PETERSON: “Well, I don’t have anything bad to say about it I do know that the Quebec government has recently taken moves to make it much more difficult for people to homeschool their children and it’s not like five years — I mean 15 years ago I would have presumed that the vast majority of people who were homeschooling their children were to be viewed with skepticism initially. I’m not, so sure about that anymore you, know for example I was sent a poster today someone sent me this link that they found in a local junior high school and one of the media pieces that were recommended on this poster was a movie called hedwig and the angry inch now, I thought that was a terrible movie even though I’m perfectly capable of enjoying bizarre movies But, so it’s a bizarre movie that’s for sure but I also thought it was a terrible, bitter movie terrible and bitter those are separate a movie can be bitter and be quite great but it was a terrible movie and it was a bitter movie but I can tell you one bloody thing about that movie it’s not required viewing for twelve-year-old kids that’s for sure so I think you have increasing reason to be skeptical of the public education system I also looked at the elementary teachers federation of Ontario’s guidelines for education from kindergarten to grade eight and what that is in essence and I think I will do a video about it in the relatively near future is a blueprint for transforming children into social justice warriors it basically says that It’s like you don’t have to be a conspiracy theory to read that I mean we have social justice tribunals in Ontario and so the idea is well if you’re going to get your children if you’re gonna get people to what would you say favor equity properly well then you better start teaching them while they’re young it’s like maybe not So now you you asked that question properly because you say well the terrible education system the wonderful mother homeschooling right that’s the danger it’s like no because it might not be the wonderful mother homeschooling it might be the pathological mother using the pathology of the education system as a excuse to get her talons into her children right because that’s certainly Equally possible or perhaps even more possible because at least in the public education system there’s some necessity for consensus so that’s something that you have to be very Aware of, and work to prevent right and so i would say if you’re going to do that probably best not to do it on your own.

And you need it’s like you need a board of advisers or something like that and so maybe it can’t just be you and you have to figure out well what what is the aim and how are you going to manage that and what makes you think you can do it even if it’s being done badly publicly what makes you think you could do it better I mean my general advice is and people have asked me this in fact I Had a conversation with the guy who was tiling my backyard this morning about something his son had said to him that he was taught At school recently which really made the tiler who had come from a rather authoritarian country step back on his heels and think I’m not so sure i should be sending my kid to public school anymore and maybe I shouldn’t be living in Toronto even you know but my general advice is keep an eye on your kids and discuss with them what they’re learning and and help equip them with the tools to not only to articulate their own viewpoint in Response to what they’re being taught now with the problem is you might not have the time nor the ability To do that that’s no simple thing and increasingly if you’re unwilling to have your children participate in what is increasingly indoctrination and not education thanks to in no small part, to the Ontario institute of the studies on education which is an institution that I particularly despise because I think that all it does is almost all it does now is produce indoctrinators of children It’s not an easy it’s not an easily easy problem to solve so more more power to you wanting to put your children in a situation where they’re not being indoctrinated but the alternative is very very complicated and difficult.”

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